Piggy Back Promotion


Every year when we place an order for Spotless Swing towels with our manufacturer we procure deep discounts on custom logos and we pass these discounts to you, our customer.


Please call us for ordering details: 1-800-738-7293


Why do we get such discounts? When logos are embroidered before the towels are completely sewn the process is much simpler than embroidering a completed towel. Additionally because we are already ordering large quantities of towels, the manufacturer gives us a discount which we pass on to you.


Requirements to qualify for the Piggy Back Promotion

·      Prepayment required

·      Minimum of 150 towels

·      This opportunity only comes around once (sometimes twice) a year. Therefore your order (and payment) must be received by the specified deadline.

·      Prices vary depending on the order quantity, logo size and logo complexity.