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What's the Buzz?

Everyonce in awhile, I’m offered something unique and simple, and an item I know I’ll use...I proudly tell you to check out the Spotless Swing golf towel...It’s effective and you’ll use it... Perfect.




       Golf Digest

A Towel that cleans grooves, too

It's not altogether uncommon to see golfers with clubfaces that are abysmally filty, their grooves' utility diminished because they're filled with dirt. Here's a possible solution, a multipurpose towel called Spotless Swing...A towel that does more, notably allowing the grooves to do the work they were intended to do, which is to impart spin on the ball

      Swedish Golf Online

A Golf Towel that Works!

The cloth is made from fibers that dry quickly in the air and sun, evaporating the acquired moisture while you play, so every time you need to dry your face or hands, the cloth is always dry... three separate uses, all built into one towel. Spotless Swing™ Golf Towel not only worked, it worked better than I ever expected...Finally, I now own a towel that actually is a tool for better golf, not just a device for decoration or advertising.


    Hackers Paradise









    The A Position

Where golfers unite to talk about everything Golf

What we found out is that the gadget works as advertised. [Spotless Swing] made a statement about innovation and caked on dirt is too dry or hard for the towel to tackle... I preferred it over a wire brush because less scratches were were being made...After thorough testing from all of the golfers THP believes that Spotless Swing has a winner on their hands...It is nice to see a company advertise a product and have it live up to the hype... Spotless Swing has a winner on their hands.




I carry a big, half-wet bath towel to clean the club face and grooves of grass and dirt after every shot. I know I’m not the only amateur that likes clean clubs. That being said, I might be a little anal about it. I have played with some people who always have grass stains and dirt in the grooves of their clubs. I don’t know how they do it.



 Product Review: Spotless Swing Golf Towel

There are lots of towels on the golf market including those old ones you bring from home or the logo ones you buy in the golf shops, but I’ve discovered the towel version of a “better mousetrap.” don’t have to worry about mixing up the two tasks and compounding your golf challenges...In the golf game the two important surfaces are your only connection with the club – your grip; and the clubface...Now you can both better secure your grip and assure your grooves are clean to impart an accurate hit with spin with one magical towel.




Spotless Swing Towel Review

The Spotless Swing Towel could be the last towel you buy...the towel that can actually clean the grooves of your club face...It's easy to use while clipped onto your bag... this is an extremely useful to get as much dirt or build up out of the grooves immediately...The Spotless Swing Towel lives up to will not be disappointed.


    IntoThe Grain

New Product Spotlight : Spotless Swing Golf Towel 

[F]ew products really capture my attention any more...The Spotless Swing golf towel is one of them...well built...durable and very unlikely to fall apart
...a great new product that makes a lot of sense, performs up to its claims, offers a money back guarantee, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg...
it will certainly have a place on my bag for cleaning clubs, as it does a fantastic job at that.




Spotless Swing golf towel helps golfers clean clubs and themselves

[T]he first golf towel created to help golfers keep both their clubs and themselves clean...It hides dirt and remains dry even after repeated use to help preserve and protect your clubs...make[s] it easy for you to clean your clubs while making your way around the course.


 Golf Gear Review

The Spotless Swing: Just the thing to clean up your game

This is not your father’s golf towel...I was impressed with how much dirt the “microbrush” dug out of the grooves...A really nice aspect of this product is that carabineer, which is of much better quality than a lot of things designed to hook onto your golf bag...There are plenty of golfers who are more concerned about style..than substance... the Spotless Swing allows for both. 


   Orlando  Golf Blogger

PGA Merchandise Show: Spotless Swing Golf Towel

This is a very cool product...I'm still mystified at how they were able to incorporate the grooves brush into the towel...does a great job of cleaning the grooves...The Spotless Swing is long enough to serve it's purpose while being short enough to stay in the "splash free" zone...Check it out, I'm certain you won't be dissapointed.




  South Central             Golf          

Looking for a unique gift, the Spotless Swing is it!                                      

Every year at the  International Network of  golf gathering, there is a product of two introduced which makes you say "Why didn't I think of that." This years prize goes to...the Spotless Swing Golf Towel. Cleans the grooves where dirt escapes your typical messy towel...The perfect gift for the dad who thought he had everything related to golf.                                



       Oob Golf

 Spotless Swing Product Review

 Spotless Swing is here to change your opinion of what a golf towel should  be... I found myself going to it before and after every shot... The microfiber fabric really feels great and you definitely don't mind going to your hands or face with it... I really would recommend this product to someone and my review sample will continue to hang from my bag.




 Product Review: Spotless Swing Golf Towel

I’ve discovered the towel version of a “better mousetrap.”...Now you can both better secure your grip and assure your grooves are clean to impart an accurate hit with spin with one magical towel...The Spotless Swing towel may be the last towel you ever purchase!



     Golf Today         


Spotless Swing

Multi-tasking at its best!...Holds 60 percent of its weight in dirt, grime and water...For most golf towels, this would fulfill their purpose of existence- Not so with the Spotless Swing Golf Towel...Cleans the grooves of your club without strain